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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ron Paul in the clear!

According to The Market Oracle, Ron Paul does not have the Fiscal Insanity Virus. FIV is spreading like a contagion. Gordon Brown has it. It turned Alistair Darling's eyebrows into what they are!

The Market Oracle quotes, "Hair samples taken from Ron Paul, member of the US House of Representatives, have now been analyzed. Scientists report that Ron Paul has the only known double repetitive occurrence of the A-Marker. Scientists speculate that such individuals would be highly immune to FIV, even in the most highly diseased environments such as US Congress." We should all be wary. FIV is more contagious and far more dangerous than the common flu virus now making its rounds. The primary symptom of FIV is irrational, often delusional fear of deflation. The virus has an uncanny ability to seek victims in positions of authority. Those afflicted with the virus start taking (or promoting) fiscally reckless actions guaranteed to damage the host country.

Thankfully it is mainly confined to a small number of people, but as such, they are in a position to do much damage. How Ron Paul managed to escape the virus in such a "highly diseased environment" is amazing!


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