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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Suffer little children

The Holy Land should be holy, but it is currently turning into a paradise for the Devil. I suppose it is because there is no real authority in the White House at the moment. The Israelis saw their chance to fight back as they see it against the intransigence of Hamas. I've met and known Palestinian Arabs. The one thing I can tell you is that they will never give up the idea of a Palestinian state. Some are on the rather casual end of the spectrum, others are far more rabid about it. But they all support the proposition.

I've been accused on other sites of being anti-Jew or anti-Israel. Far from it, but you can't always debate with some because they take the slightest hurt from the mildest comment. The vast majority of the world believes in a settlement based on a two-state solution. This is not a winner takes all contest.

The Israelis have usurped the Peace of Christmas and the Manifestation of Christ to the World by bombing and burning in order to win some position of strength. All it has done is turn people against them. United Nations agencies are being stopped from their life-saving work because of this assault. The Jews of all people should understand suffering. Why then turn the Gaza into a ghetto? Is this Old Testament vengeance?

Wherever little children are massacred for the crazed notions of adults, we must be concerned. "Suffer (allow) little children to come unto me" is far better than having a millstone round our necks and being flung into the deepest part of the ocean!


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