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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson's genetic inheritance

Much has been said about Michael Jackson in the past few days. It used to be said that one shouldn't speak ill of the dead. In Jackson's case it's not so much about speaking ill as trying to illicit the truth. He appears to have left more questions than answers which always causes a frenzy in the media.

One question which hasn't been answered is the case of the children. If the three children grow up to adulthood as normal loving people then miracles do happen. Until now they have been treated as a commodity. They were produced in a most peculiar way and then basically bought by Jackson from the biological mother as she is being described. Somehow we are led to believe they are his children. It is all too bizarre and I would suggest that the deceptions and the untruths stop now for the sake of those children. One thing almost everyone wants to know is where they themselves came from. Surely that is why genealogy is one of the top subjects of the internet. These children deserve to know the truth because otherwise the absurd speculation will carry on all their lives.

Jackson is said to owe money to all and sundry. So the creditors are scrambling around like vultures. It would be best for a set of accountants to get through the whole estate and just tell it like it is otherwise all sorts will be claimimg this and that is theirs. And the powers-that-be need to get the actual detail of his death clarified and confirmed, otherwise this issue will carry on with all sorts suggesting this or that did or did not happen.

When a life has been led with such bizarre activity attached to it there can be little wonder that people are curious. Curiosity is one thing, manipulative speculation is quite another. It would be far better that Michael Jackson's closest friends and family spell out the truth of his problems rather than let his memory be tainted with innuendo and gossip for ever and a day.


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