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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swine flu parties are a pig of an idea!

I've been busy lately redecorating the kitchen. Unlike those on generous allowances or big bonus packages, I have currently a financial juggling exercise. I decided it was time to make the place look better but was not keen on paying large sums in labour costs so went down to B&Q and got the paint and got stuck in. Of course, whilst up a ladder my blogging activities are somewhat restricted. But as I gazed at the paint wondering if it would be as it said it was on the tin my mind drifted into blog thoughts. Plenty of them. In fact my mind has far more than I ever put down here.

Now that I am paint free and typing away, I find that the first thoughts are on swine flu. I had a crazy idea. Do Muslims and Jews get swine flu? Of course they do, but it was one of those daft thoughts. I'm not alone in daft thoughts it seems. Some people are throwing "swine flu parties" in an attempt to get immunity against the virus. Whatever next. "Please come to my swine flu party. Infection guaranteed. Bring your own germs!" Doctors say it's not a good idea.

The very thought of intentionally getting this form of flu is itself a form of illness. Mental illness. We already have headlines about people dying. Of course, if you read the rest it always says they had "underlying health problems". Which is exactly what happens with so-called normal flu. People do die but they tend to be the weak, infirm and already ill.

What goes on at a swine flu party? Are they legal? "Excuse me sir, we have reason to believe you are holding an illicit swine flu party contrary to Health Provision 46 of the Penal Code". What if you don't get the flu? Or worse, what if someone got something very much worse? "Dear Griselda. I came to your swine flu party in the hope of catching this disease well before winter. I didn't catch it at all! But I got a form of malaria unknown in the UK. What have you done to me!!"

The mind boggles that such people are in the country. It must be a hoax. Isn't it?


This is terrible idea of exposing children to swine flu parties. Too bad. Swine flu is almost a fatal disease and knowing that how can parents allow their children to go for such parties. It is more riskier to children.

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