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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tony Blair's cash injections

By the time Tony Blair leaves this earth to meet his Maker we will know two things. That he did a secret deal with George Bush about the War on Terror and then stitched up the House of Commons. That his property empire has been funded almost exclusively by the taxpayer whilst he was in Parliament. The Additional Costs Allowance and Tony Blair were made for each other! He even had the brass neck to claim two days before he scarpered as PM.

He has earned about £16 million since leaving office, through public speaking, directorships and a book deal. Now a lot of this money has probably gone to repay loans, but isn't it a bit rich that he used the "system" to get a leg up. Normal mortals have no such luck. Blair was an opportunist from Day One.

The Daily Telegraph asks a pertinent question - "The question of how Mr Blair was able to obtain a £3,467,500 mortgage on Connaught Square, which was more than 18 times his salary at the time, has always been surrounded in mystery." Precisely!


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