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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brown is no leader!

Gordon Brown is the last man to defend the interests of the fighting soldier. He tells the House of Commons - "The British armed forces are better equipped today than they have been at any time in 40 years but we are not complacent". Are they better equipped? Perhaps they are compared with the squaddies of 1969.

However are they properly equipped? The answer is NO!

Gordon Brown also implies that the war in Afghanistan is to prevent terrorism on the streets of London. This is nonsense and a cheap smokescreen. The Taliban, however ghastly they may be in our eyes, have no desire whatsoever to be strutting the streets of London. What the Taliban are is a group of malcontents quite capable of using the drug trade to further their fantasies.

Our war is one against Al-Qaeda (or Alkie Ada as Gordon Brown calls them). These are the terrorists, the murderers and the psycopaths. They wander freely around the Arabian penisular and drift in and out of Pakistani villages at will.

If we are going to war, let's really understand who the enemy is first. And if the Taliban is so well equipped themselves, they must be exchanging something for weapons. That something is opium. When is the spraying of the poppy fields going to start?

If we hadn't bombed German munition factories during Word War II we'd have had all manner of stuff land on us. Get rid of the poppy fields and you cut the Taliban off at the pass!


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