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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cherie Blair has swine flu

"Good Grief! It's a pig!"
It was bound to get into the higher echelons of society. Cherie Blair has apparently picked it up. The one thing the swine flu viruses are is that they are not choosy. They will pick on anybody at random. Of course, a good round of public sneezing helps them on their way. I suspect that many stay on at work when they should not. I am aware of people around me who know people who are getting it. Up till now I have been in that position of being three people away from the germs. I've been lucky but I'm told by some that getting it will give me immunity, which kind of flies in the face of government advice. But immunity only from swine flu. The next dose could be horse flu or even worse elephant flu!
I trust Mrs Blair will have a mild version of the porcine variety and recover soon.


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