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Monday, July 20, 2009

German MEPs in "democracy stitch-up"!

Germans love democracy. Well the people do. As for their elected representatives one could say a few of them are up to the same old tricks as in years gone by. One savoury character in the European Parliament is Christian Democrat MEP Inge Graessle (pictured). She's got the makings of a perfect MEP. All fiddling expenses and fixing the committees. Why do I attack her so? Because she and her gravy train chums blocked Marta Andreason, newly-elected MEP for UKIP from becoming vice-chairman of the European Parliament's budgetary committee.

"They know that I know too much. I know where the bodies are buried and that's why they don't want me," said Mrs Andreasen. She was sacked by Lord Kinnock when he was gravy train supremo. Anyone threatening to derail the Kinnock's income stream is likely to get chucked out of the caboose.

It is utterly deplorable that such people as Inge Graessle are let anywhere near a democratic debating chamber. "The role she (Marta Andreason) played in the past, what I feel was a certain scandalising of issues, is not really one we want endorsed by her becoming vice-chairman," she said. Well, no Inge. That's because you got your hand smacked as you were getting it out of the money pots!

This is the glorious EU outfit that we are told is good for Europe. No more good for us than swine flu is. Seeing as there are so many swine in that place, one would have thought the flu would have hit them by now!


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