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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Michael Jackson children custody announcement

Michael Jackson certainly left a legacy. One of two halves. The first is his music, where his records still have the capacity to succeed at the highest level. The other half is his life, now lived out seemingly in perpetuity by a variety of gainsayers, truthmixers and dodgy dealers.

According to Associated Press, the attorney for Michael Jackson's mother says an announcement is imminent on a custody deal regarding the pop icon's two oldest children, but stopped short of saying an agreement had been reached. This wrangling will go on for a very long time unless some immediate action is taken. To bring it to a halt, a DNA testing would help considerably. There are several people jostling for custody of these children. One of which is Jackson's mother. But Ms Rowe, the biological mother has suggested that Jackson isn't the biological father, and that she wants custody.

All the while the children are kept in a neverland of nonsense and the lawyers get rich by deluding themselves and trying to avoid the truth. Some lawyers they are!



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