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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ministry of Defence run by scoundrels!

My, my! What a shower we have running the MoD. For years they have been condoning the filthy state of service quarters, the lack of proper equipment for the military and the generally deplorable way soldiers are treated after discharge. It is the chiselling way in which the country is told of things in general that sticks in the craw.

Now we find that they are incompetent at finance as well. Maybe they are lining their own pockets, who knows. What we do know is that £155 million which was said to have been spent on radio equipment in Afghanistan could not be accounted for. Is this the tip of the iceberg?

James Arbuthnot, chairman of the defence select committee, said the MoD needed to "get a grip" on its spending. "There are real concerns, given the importance of what the armed forces are doing, and the sacrifices they are making on our behalf, that the Ministry of Defence is almost breaking apart." Nest of vipers, I say. And they have the brass neck to complain about Sir Richard Dannatt.

When will it become clear to those in government that these people cannot be trusted. We need a complete clearout so that the MoD can be staffed by honourable people, not those driven to concocting falsehoods, calumnies and economies with the truth.


In my day the MoD was staffed by a number of ex-servicemen and women who had experience of service conditions and expectations.

Like our politicians who never have a day's experience of the real world, these modern civil servants have little knowledge of, or interest in, the organisation they are supposed to support and provide for.

As we say in the army, 'Come the revolution first up against the wall with be ... the MoD"

Who picks these people for these jobs? .....oh the Government....say no more!

I forgot to add that they (the MoD) are spying on injured soldiers to see if they are tempted to defraud the system. According to the MoD security staff "millions of pounds" have been saved.

They'd be better off asking themselves why any soldier would want to try to inflate a claim. My hunch is that moral is low and the civil servants see the military as expendable personnel.

As I say, an absolute shower! Scoundrels!!

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