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Saturday, July 04, 2009

MP Jeffrey Donaldson in saucy video viewing scandal!

Jeffrey Donaldson has got his come-uppance. He was always parroting the virtues of decent Ulster living. Now he has been caught renting so-called adult movies in a London hotel room. Peter Robinson, the dour jokeless leader of the DUP, says, "Mr Donaldson has been asked to pay back any expenses which have not been properly incurred and I understand that he intends to do so. In the light of his categorical denials, Mr Donaldson is clearly entitled to a presumption of innocence. If any evidence to substantiate the allegations can be provided we would of course wish to consider it." That is absolutely correct.

However, Donaldson's denials seem a bit hollow in light of the Daily Telegraph's account of the matter. I don't really mind if he wants to watch such movies in his spare time. What does bother me is that he saw fit to shove all the rental costs down as legitimate expenses.

The DUP is committed to Christian values, says the Telegraph. Possibly. But forgiveness is not high on their agenda. Jeffrey Donaldson spent a lot of time railing against other for immorality and not living a good life. His best bet now is to think about the beams in his own eyes before deciding on what to about the motes in others!


Arden, Mr Donaldson says the movies he watched were not pornographic in nature. Unless you can provide evidence to contrary i suugest you rewrite your blog so as to make it less slanderous.

I'm not sure what is slanderous here, or libelous which is a blogger's possible problem.

Jeffrey Donaldson rented 68 pay-to-view movies and he charged for them on expenses. He was not satisfied with the ordinary fare on TV those nights. I never said they were pornographic. However the films on offer were not exactly family viewing stuff it seems. I suggested they were "so-called adult movies". You can see them on ordinary cable TV if you want.

Whatever the facts, it doesn't put Donaldson in a good light when he tried to get the taxpayer to fund his evening entertainment. Lesser mortals pay their own way!

If you check your facts he rented movies from a charge band that covered recently released films and adult films. He has stated that he did not watch adult films. Unless you can prove otherwise why don't you retract your, as you correctly point out libelous comment:
"Now he has been caught renting so-called adult movies in a London hotel room. "

It all depends on whether I believe Jeffery Donaldson is a truthful man, doesn't it? You seem very excercised over protecting his honour. Libel is when someone is falsely accused. I don't have "facts" anymore than you do, unless you were in the room with him or you are his alter ego.

He rented films according to his own admission that were in an adult category. This category would not normally be rented to children or promoted as family viewing. I suggest it all rest there!

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