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Saturday, July 11, 2009

No sneezing in Solihull!

I see that the swine flu epidemic is now well entrenched in Solihull! According to the BBC health officials have designated Solihull as an "area of widespread community transmission" for swine flu. So that's what it's called!

Perhaps we could have "widespread community transmission" of other such things, such as more considerate driving, not walking out of shop doors as if the streets are empty, not spitting in the street (with a pre-emptive phlegm-based cough!), and other such anti-social stuff.

I'm all in favour of widespread community transmission if it is for good. In fact, Solihull Council could employ Widespread Community Transmission officers to go round spreading joy and social happiness. Umm! Pigs will start flying first, I think, with or without their porcine flu!


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