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Friday, July 24, 2009

Norwich North by-election findings

The Conservatives did well to win. However, the actual number of Conservative voters only represent some 18% of the constituency. It seems most voters are not that active as Tory supporters. Again the Apathy Party won big time.

I do not wish to denigrate Chloe Smith's win. A win is a win. But it is far from being the "historic" win that David Cameron is talking about. The Conservative Party just has to shape up more. I trust Chloe is no clone or party apparatchik. She must have a mind of her own so she can take the lead for the younger generation. She must speak out when she sees or hears deception, spin and cheating going on. She has to attract a far wider band of supporters than a mere 18%!

There was a large swathe of opinion in Norwich North that thought Dr.Gibson was badly treated. A far dodgier specimen, representing Ashfield, has flipped and flopped and carries on! Surely Gordon Brown realised that ditching a respected member of parliament NEVER goes down well with the electorate. On that one issue alone he has show himself to be incompetent politically. Remember Leyton 1965?

All political parties must assure the electorate that they are there for the country and the people. This election has failed to show that the electorate believes that is happening. The majority in Norwich North think going to vote for anyone is a waste of time.

Having said all that, Chloe Smith did well. So did UKIP who now have their best result ever in a parliamentary election. They can beat the BNP and do it well we now know!


Let's see - the labour had a 5,000 winning margin at the last election. The Tories now have a 7,000 winning margin in a seat they have not held in 35 years?

Have I got that right? And you think this is not a good win for the Tories?? How so? If 5,000 people who have previously voted for the Labour party didn't turn up to vote that would have made the Tories margin a mere 2,000.

The only thing you can say is that the percentage vote was slightly down, but then so was the LibDem and let's not discuss the 19% drop in the labour vote shall we? well you don't seem to want to anyway.

You seem to have got out of your chair in a hurry, Michele! I didn't say it was a bad win for the Tories. I was commenting on the turnout and the general lack of voter enthusiasm.

If you think it is OK for any member of parliament to be returned on 18% of a constituency's support, then I really do think you are failing to realise that there is still a malaise in this country.

If winning is just getting to the winning post, we are sadly lacking in political thought.

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