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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Royal Air Force to be scrapped?

Not content with deceiving the nation about the helicopter issue, Gordon Brown is still rambling on as if the tooth fairy was in charge of the exchequer. Appearing before a committee of MPs on Thursday, Gordon Brown dismissed as 'ridiculous' claims that Whitehall mandarins are preparing 'doomsday' cuts to the public spending budget of up to 20 per cent. That's what he told MPs.

Over the past few weeks, teams of Treasury officials have, indeed, been planning for huge spending cuts across government departments. As an example of the scale of this exercise, the Ministry of Defence team is looking at the radical step of closing down the Royal Air Force and incorporating our airpower inside the Army and the Navy.

So Gordon Brown doesn't know about these ideas and these plans? The very fact that civil servants should be contemplating putting the bulk of the RAF into some museum and merging the remainder is testament to where we actually are as a nation.

This piece of news was hidden away in Peter Oborne's column in the Daily Mail. I trust those MPs asking the questions on thursday are away of the real subterfuge going on. Getting Brown to chat about things will be the least positive way to uncover the truth. We need to know what is intended. The Royal Air force no more? I doubt if the country would accept that. Gordon Brown needs to come clean and stop this continued habit of telling porkies.


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