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Friday, July 31, 2009

Supreme foolishness!

The New Labour disease is a vile thing, often manifesting itself in manipulation. That is in this organisation's case an uncontrollable spasm in the hands causing the outfit to mend things which were not broken. In fact, they chip bits off, then imply it needs mending. It is a terrible disease, the only cure being a GENERAL ELELECTION!! If only.....

Archbishop Cranmer has a wonderful post about this new Supreme Court thing. Please read it, it says it all.

Just as a rider, this on the "Judiciary Communications Office" website, rambling on about why their Lordships have been booted out of the House of Lords (as judges that is) -

"As members of the House of Lords, this means that they not only sit judicially, but are also able to become involved in the debate and subsequent enactment of Government legislation (although, in practice, they rarely do so). Creating a new Supreme Court will mean that the most senior judges will be entirely separate from the Parliamentary process."

If they rarely got involved and the whole system worked for 1,000 years, what mindset thought better? Oh, the manipulatively diseased mind of New Labour, of course!


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