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Thursday, July 23, 2009

UK Border Agency plonkers bordering on the barmy!

You have to hand it to the UK Border Agency. They're a bunch of tender-hearted wonders, aren't they. As with most agencies working for the New Labour Regime, they interpret laws in the same way as Basil Fawlty interpreted menus. Because this government never thinks further than the end of the pen that's writing the stuff they enact into law, things go wrong.

It was a good idea to introduce a law to safeguard young Asian women against forced marriages. But the catchall nature of New Labour thinking includes every young woman, even Canadian ones. So it is that nineteen-year-old Canadian Rochelle Wallis who married her Welsh husband Adam in November 2008, two years after they first met and fell in love, is to be deported. Deported? What for? According to the UK Border Agency she falls under the scope of the Forced Marriages Act, which was passed in 2007.

To add insult to injury these plonkers told Rochelle that her deportation, until she is 21, is a mere "inconvenience". Naturally, she sees it very differently. "It's more than an inconvenience, it's ripping my marriage apart".

What I find so appalling is that we now have these agency staff who are quasi civil servants making decisions that would have pleased the leaders of the former eastern Europe no end. Every day that goes by, some agency or other cocks up big time or makes someone's life hell somewhere.

When are we going to say it has to end?


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