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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ulrika Jonnson has the body of 16-year old!

The Swedish star of screen, stage and sidewalk (or should that be catwalk, or boardwalk...?) is now proudly boasting that, after £11,000 worth of cosmetic surgery, she has the body of a 16-year old. Good thing the surgery didn't make her a year younger otherwise her hubbie could be in trouble, even under New Labour laws!

Looking at the finished result, she does look rather good. However I'd say she was exaggerating a bit on the age reduction point. And if at 41 she look like a glamorous 41-year old how will she look at twice the age? An 82-year old Michael Jackson lookalike is not that appealing. I would urge that she quits whilst she is ahead in the beauty stakes!


Her neck seems to be speaking out.

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