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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

US Church drops gay bishops ban - tatty bye, Mrs Schori!

The Episcopal Church in the United States is heading for a divorce from the Anglican communion. Hell-bent on creating new dogmas and doctrines to fit in with the fleeting chances of this world, the bishops of this church have decided to drop the ban on bishops living in homosexual relationships. Archbishop Rowan Williams, trying to keep communion with Canterbury alive, says, "I regret the fact that there is no will to observe the moratorium in such a significant part of the church in North America." There was fat chance of such observation lasting.

Ever since Mrs.Schori took over, the Episcopal Church has become a libertine's haven where those in charge spend every waking hour trying to root out traditional belief and adherence to biblical teaching. A knock at the door, a rude letter, a shifty telephone call - all ways to keep the new morality bouncing along.

So it looks like the Episcopal Church will drift away from Anglicanism to run a sect offering an a la carte menu of beliefs with a kind of doctrine of the day to attract new believers. Sad, but there it is. No use getting too worked up about it. There are worse things in the world to be bothering about.


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