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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Birmingham bust-up for anti-Islamic protest

Birmingham has been targeted as a suitable place for a march and counter-march leading to a punchup. The so-called English Defence League decided to march down Broad Street demonstrating against Islamic fundamentalism. The so-called Unite Against Fascism group thought they would turn up to stop them. 33 arrests were made and shoppers disadvantaged and businesses put to trouble securing their premises. Peaceful it was not.

The English Defence League is apparently a bunch of football types keen to eradicate the streets of manic preachers of the Islamic terror type. The UAF is keen to silence anyone they think is a fascist and to these ends they are prepared to use violence if necessary. If the government got a grip over the way these anti-British preachers are free to roam around preaching hatred and violence in the name of Islam we would not have to fear people taking a more virile approach.

Most Muslims are no doubt sick and tired of fanatics branding the ills of the world onto the backs of the British people. But we will all be sick and tired if this sort of thing carries on on a regular basis. As with many things currently happening, the answer lies mainly in the hands of the government.

Daily Mail report.


is about time something was done about the fanatics.its ok for them to slag off the english but when the tables are turned they do not like it,well this time im saying TOUGH!!!!!!maybe im labeling but they will willingly take moneys off the state and use the nhs and jump the queue for housing(it does happen)but when they are told to calm there rantings down,we are racists.the saying "when in rome" comes to mind and if these fanatics hate us so much,why are they here?

I am a white englishman , this kind of thing makes me sick , the muslims were throwing banners and sticks at the police and doing nothing.
no one got arrested , if the white british where doing it ,would of been different story. This country is a mess. goverment do not see what everybody else does.
They do not live in what we live in.

i would not mind living aside everyone if we all got allong , but it seems everyone that comes to this country and get given a home for free hates the country abuses it and just wants to make it there own and nothing is being done about it. this goverment needs to have a second look at its self..
also the muslims were holding banners saying smash bnp bnp are a recognised party , i couldnt walk around town holding say .. a banner sayin smash labour and yet again nothing was done .
There was a young lad with a england flag police told him to put it away jus because it would offend others. So we can no longer represent our own country anymore

You both have points. And you make them with a sense of sadness in the tone. There are many like you who are feeling aggrieved. The government needs to do something more than just have a minister for community cohesion.

Unless it is led by government, this issue will be resolved by others, some of whom are unsavoury types to say the least.

I feel this is just the beginning. Social networking sites are providing the platform and people are disgraced at the antics we've seen at returning servicemens funerals and also, at their repatriation when arriving in coffins at Wootton Bassett. Am sorry, but this isn't racism-it's about standing up for your country like our ancestors have so proudly maintained for 1000's of years.

There are times when, no matter what your opinion, it's better kept to yourself. As long as these extremists continue to air the venom then the counter reaction will also develop-we are leading to civil war in many urban communities.

fk the dirty muslims

scholes1968@msn.com, you have a very valid point. I think the shouting of abuse at returning coffins has ignited a fuse. The touch paper was made by New Labour's ostrich approach to immigration and community relations.

Anonymous - you could be a bit more subtle in your argument!

y its true fk umm all off!!

Remember in 711AD the muslims invaded Spain and Portugal almost completely to the very Northern tip, in only 5 years. They called it the "Caliphate of Damascus." They imposed Sharia law and forced people to convert. Well, it took the Spaniards EIGHT CENTURIES to take their country back. It was called "La Reconquista" or the reconquest and it gave birth to "The Cid Campeador" and other odes. Don't believe me, go chek it out. The UK is going that way.

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