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Friday, August 07, 2009

Genitals of Briton given Greek-style torching!

I have noticed recently that young British men abroad are becoming increasingly loutish. Some are prone to drunken behaviour leading to street vomiting, others just see the young women of the locality as suitable targets for perverse innuendo of a sexual nature. Nothing remotedly charming about any of it. One wonders why so many people attempt to come to Britain when the exported manhood is well past its use-by-date.

In various cities of Europe inebriated young men, and sometimes women, act like alcoholically-charged vacuum pumps. It is little wonder local mayors want them out. Now there is a case where a Greek woman dowsed a Briton's genitals with alcohol and set fire to his crown jewels. She says she did so after being sexually harassed. I do not condone in any way what the young woman has done, but I have some sympathy for her. Perhaps this may be a message to young British males? Maybe. How would they like it if a drunken Greek molested their nearest and dearest female relatives? Not a lot, I suggest. So what makes it right the other way round?

The one mindblower in this story is the response from the Foreign Office. A spokeswoman said, "We can confirm that in the early hours of Tuesday a 23-year-old British male national was assaulted in Crete. We understand he suffered burns on his chest and abdomen. He has been receiving consular assistance." Chest and abdomen? With that kind of understatement one can appreciate how easy it is for ministers to get the wrong end of the stick with regards to Afghanistan!


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