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Monday, August 17, 2009

Is Burger King barmy?

There are some jobsworths around. With such people common sense goes out the window and a mantra is maintained. In a Missouri Burger King the manager had read the company rules on dress code seemingly in the manner of a dullard. So when a mother came in with a baby he was quick to tell her that the child was a hygiene problem. No booties, no burgers!

The manager told the mother that they would have to leave the restaurant because the baby wasn't wearing any shoes. The mother put socks on the baby to try and adhere to the policy. She was then threatened by the manager saying that he would call the police. The baby doesn't walk, and can't even crawl yet, but the manager didn't want "baby germs" getting in the way of his business.

You'd think Burger King would want to respond by saying that it was all a ghastly mistake. But no. They've not bothered to squeak. More fool them. They've got enough trouble with the persistent publicity about junk food. Do they need any further bad press?

I'd suggest they got a real lesson in hygiene. Take a swab from the baby's feet and take another from the Burger King kitchen. It would be interesting to see who's got the bigger germs!


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