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Monday, August 17, 2009

Supermarionated Andy Burnham - the anti-democracy man!

Andy Burnham takes the biscuit - the ward round biscuit! Not only is he New Labour automoton led, but he has a nasty streak of anti-democratic nature about him. Being in charge of the NHS has gone to his head. Nobody must dare to criticise the National Health Service of Britain. It is wonderful beyond measure, nurses are sweet and caring, the conditions perfect. Critics can go hang. They are unpatriotic. They are stupid. They are....whatever you want them to be so long as it is nasty.

Now the ridiculous Burnham suggests that David Cameron should ban NHS critics ( I prefer realists) from the Tory Party Conference. Ban, ban, ban, that's all Labour knows. Ban fox hunting (but not quite), ban smoking (but not quite), ban MPs expenses (but not quite), and so it goes on. Why should those who seek a different approach to health provision be banned? It is arrant nonsense.

The truth is out there! Mr.Burnham knows it but follows his master's voice without even bothering to think for himself. Yes, the NHS excels in fine health care. Most people have the highest degree of satisfaction. But money is still thrown at it like confetti. Staff still spend large amounts of time walking through buildings with clipboards looking busy whilst wondering what to do next. Not everything is rosy.

I suggest this. That Andy Burnham puts on a disguise and spends a day just sitting in a hospital watching things happen. He will get a far better education from that than any departmental briefing will ever give him!


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