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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

BBC in word play scam!

The BBC gives me the impression that they are "leaders" in the way English words and phrases are used. It was the BBC that led the way in imposing a new name for Bombay on us, whilst steadfastly refusing to do the same with European cities. The corporation has a distinct power in the land when it comes to the way we speak. Although it is not down to them alone, there are other contributors, it seems that the BBC is at the heart of it. They took to speaking only in meters. Woe betide anyone who dares to say feet for a measurement. They will be upbraided, often on screen.

Now the BBC is stubbornly using "gender" instead of "sex". Sometimes it sounds too stupid for words. The thought of athletes having "gender tests" renders the language a fortune to hostage as far as the politically correct brigade are concerned. This is not about pronunciation, or bad grammar as such. Rather it is the insiduous elevation by a thought police of a control system. At one time such behaviour would be countered. Now it seems we don't have the stomach to resist.


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