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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Birmingham Airport greets big plane

Taking a shower on board an Emirates A380Birmingham Airport is celebrating 70 years in the aviation business. Starting out as Elmdon Airport, it has grown to be a entry and exit point for many of Midlanders and their friends, relations and business partners. Today the world's largest commercial airliner is set to touch down at BHX. It will be a momentous occasion, not least for those on board. With a relatively short runway, stomachs could feel they were going in their own direction!

It will be the first time an Airbus A380 has landed in passenger service anywhere in the UK, other than London's Heathrow Airport. Emirates is certainly offering us an opprtunity to see the world. Only recently I spoke to an Australian who thought it so much better to be able to fly into Birmingham rather than be offloaded at Heathrow. Word gets around, if slowly, and has reached her travel agent in Sydney. But if he hadn't known, then she wouldn't have known. The more people know, the less likely BAA's expansion fantasies at Heathrow will materialise into fact.

I welcome this landing as it proves to us that London is necessarily the centre of the aviation universe!


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