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Monday, September 07, 2009

BNP leader Griffin to be on BBC Question Time?

Unreasonable reasoning as portrayed on NewsnightI had thoughts about this when the BNP was poised to get representation in the European Parliament. Now that they have, the BBC is pondering what to do about asking Nick Griffin, the BNP leader to appear on Question time. The Labour Party has always taken a poncy approach to the BNP. It is this "smell-under-the-nose" look and self-righteous manner that has done much to embolden the BNP. New Labour is significantly worse that most in failing to address the debate. The Conservatives would appear on the programme it seems but they would need to address their current attitudes. Just slagging the BNP off will do no good whatsover. One million people are prepared to support this party in votes and a fair few more may mutter appreciative comments when confronted with political activity they dislike. How many times have I heard "I don't support the BNP but on this they've got a point!" The three main parties have, in effect, created the BNP. If they had addressed the root problems of society there would be no need for a party that can offer "I told you so" slogans as solutions.

Sleaze, corruption, banking crises, these all help to feed fear and revolt. Forget immigration as a cause. MPs themselves have given the BNP far more ammunition than a lorryload of asylum seekers ever will. I sincerely hope that Harriet Harman will divest herself of her "politically correct" hairshirt and use her inate intelligence to think a bit. Just playing to the gallery, one in which Giglamps Rentamouth from the UAF is blinking from, will not do.

However, debate is one thing - violent disruption is another. The so-called Unite Against Fascism (an odd title for a distinctly fascist outfit) is hell-bent on shutting the programme down if Griffin appears. We don't need self-appointed Taliban-lite morons strutting the streets telling us who we should vote for or not. David Cameron is still down as a supporter of this rabble-rousing outfit as are a few other Tory MPs. The Conservative Party needs to be positive in presenting policies that will create opportunity for all citizens and be bold in offering solutions that have some likelihood of succeeding. For instance, immigration must be firm and fair - the EU should not see itself as just a conduit to Dover!

I welcome the chance for the three main parties to debate with Griffin. He appears ready for it - are they?


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