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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glenn Beck's democracy? It stinks!

Smile or smirk? Glenn Beck dressed for the occasionGlenn Beck is an odd cove. He describes himself as a conservative and a libertarian. I'm thinking he is more a dogmatist and an illiberal. Not a very nice customer. He has taken some Americans by storm for being "conservative" and an attack dog against Obama liberalism. Beck is the kind of character who rabble-rouses in the pub. He's a modern day Archie Bunker without the common man's touch.

A mild-mannered professor by the name of Cass Sunstein has been nominated to lead the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Beck is apparently beside himself because Mr. Sunstein wrote something on animal cruelty once and Beck is all for guns and shooting animals (rather like Sarah Palin is). Now I'm not against hunting, shooting or fishing. Proper sports they are. But when it comes to giving guns to swivel-eyed potshotters like Beck I seriously doubt the sanity of it all.

Beck is hardly a suitable man to be in charge of a gun. His sobriety tests have in the past been a dismal failure, he is apparently an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder sufferer, not his fault, I grant you, but something that should warn us that he can fly off the handle. I suppose his Fox News appearances would not be affected by any of this. A good rant goes down well on that station. But is he seriously the right guy to be pontificating on Barack Obama's choice of appointee? This is all muck-raking just to prove a point.

Beck has apparently Twitted the internet for his adorable fans to go digging up the dirt on this man Sunstein. Do Americans think this a right and proper form of democratic freedom? I sincerely hope not. Beck is described as being a recovering alcoholic. It is a pity he is not a recovering citizen too!


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