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Monday, September 07, 2009

Krafty move gives Cadbury's a Quaker's quake!

A glass and a half of milk in every bar!Kraft Foods is eyeing up Cadbury's. They want to take over the iconic British brand. Of course, Cadbury's has not been averse to taking over foreign firms so this is just a bit of business bravado in return. Would I be bothered by it all? Maybe.

Would Kraft Foods know what makes the British palate tick? They'd have to stick with the rather sickly sweet Creme Eggs. Even a nervous shock to the back of the brain from a damaged molar will not put the average Brit off such confectionery. So the message here is "Don't muck about with the recipe!". They would also need to have an idea about the Bourneville Village Trust. Although not a Cadbury company organisation, it has a great historic link with the company. The word ethos comes to mind. Also the attraction of Cadbury World is seen as a hotspot on the visitor trail. Another matter to consider?

Kraft say they will secure jobs and enhance the brands but that was said about HP Sauce and that's no longer in Brum! A Creme Egg can be made in Bangladesh as much as it can be in Bourneville. Possibly Kraft would give Americans a big chance to savour all the Cadbury brands but in my experience only ex-pats and those with an ecclectic tongue have taken to Cadbury's overseas.

If Kraft ever did take Cadbury's over, we should be mindful as to their promise keeping abilities. Cadbury's have just said that the offer undervalues the company. They didn't say it was a preposterous idea to think that a British company could be taken over. In the world of big business sentiment has little place or value.


Americans do not know how to make good chocolate, Hershey being a case in point, and I speak from experience having lived in the place nearly a decade.

Also, as you've pointed out, there is the case of what happened with HP, now made by the Dutch despite quite a stir in the media and the threat of banishment from parliament.

I hope Cadbury will continue to give all-comers the finger and persevere independently but fear they will fall to the whim of unscrupulous shareholders.

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