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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miss Whiplash turns to God!

Turned around after accidently turning overFor one who believes in redemptive possibilties for the human condition, it is indeed satisfying to hear of Lindi St.Claire's revilatised life following a severe traffic accident.

No longer with bouffant hair or overdone make-up, Lindi is now a reformed character. "I have lived a bad life," she says, "I was vindictive and spiteful and I have been to prison. But now, it is the total opposite."

Well, it's always good to hear of lost sheep returning to the fold. After all, a shepherd goes out to find the one that is missing, rather than be fixated with the 99 already in the pen. However she ends her comments in traditional style by saying "I have always met rubbish people - now I'd like someone nice in my life." There's the challenge Lindi - you don't need to like "rubbish people" but you've got to try to love them!


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