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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peter, Paul and no more Mary

Mary Travers, the female vocalist of the hit folk trio Peter Paul and Mary, has died. For anyone in the Sixties theirs was familiar music. It still is today, but probably sung by others. They gave a sense of respectable rebellion to all teenagers forming their opinion on life. I didn't know anyone who disliked their music. It came at a time when pirate radio, folk protest songs and a general anti-establishment air was uppermost in young minds. Even for conservatives a touch of radicalism penetrated the soul. The BBC were at their best in the Sixties for live studio music and that's what BBC2 did and did well with Peter Paul and Mary.

The trio got a mention in that great film Meet The Parents when Greg and Jack make a trip to the Oyster Bay Drug and Sundry. Discussion centred around puffing the magic dragon. Now I kind of fell into the Jack Burns theory, but I know boys at school thought like Greg!

Peter Paul and Mary sounded good then and I still think they sound good now. Goodbye Mary.

And here's a BBC clip -


every one like her music... but i am the biggest fan of her... really its very sad for me..

I love their music. I offer my prayers and condolences to the family.

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