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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Postal Picks Today


Ruth Gledhill for revealing that Tony Blair has had a Coke moment. "He's the real thing!", gushes his spiritual mentor, the Rev Peter Thompson. Diversity saviour indeed!

Archbishop Cranmer comments on the present Archbishop of Canterbury's sadness at the lack of remorse in the City of London over financial greed. Perhaps a quiet chat with the priestly gentleman leading HSBC might not go amiss?

An Englishman's Castle pays tribute to a man who could have drunk his cellars dry - Keith Floyd!

The Knight Shift reckons the hue and cry over Marcus the Lamb is a manifestation of crazed adult animal rightists.

Daily Liberty Press bemoans the fact the the American media largely ignored the Tea Party Taxpayer March. They need a second revolution, they really do!


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