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Monday, September 21, 2009

Postal Picks Today

These are my Monday morning POSTAL PICKS -

Iain Dale reveals that President Sarkozy is bouncing Czechs. That's typical in the EU where finances are all over the place!

Alastair Campbell has been patched up again. He loves NHS Walk-in Centres. I wonder how much he's had spent on him to keep him "young, and full of athletic and sporting potential"?

The Anger of A Quiet Man is bubbling up nicely and it hears, feels and smells elephants in the room. Large mammals that "Call Me Dave" Cameron will have to coax out into the open. And with more than currant buns!

Constantly Furious is still furious today and is exploding over the government's biking banality. On your bike, he trumpets!

Dick Puddlecote can't understand why Labour needs an industrial earth-mover to keep digging that big hole of theirs!


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