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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rover bosses took £42m from firm

Four Out-of-our-Range Rovers!What's that saying? Oh yes, "Rats desert a sinking ship". That's the one. Well the Rats of Rover have been truly fingered as dubious and double-dealing types. A report into the Rover collapse is now out. Robert Peston sums it up quite well by saying it was a "humiliating 800-page catalogue of how they enriched themselves while the last UK-owned mass market motor manufacturer hurtled towards insolvency". Greedy buggers!

The Phoenix Four may well think they were "flabbergasted" to be in the Serious Fraud Office's sights but they must have been the only ones. I think it is a crying shame they got to the teflon spray before the SFO could stop them.


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