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Monday, September 21, 2009

Stormy Daniels is most talked about candidate

Getting to the point in LouisianaStormy Daniels is not the shy retiring type. Neither is she a hypocrite. She's bare-faced in your face about her past, unlike her opponents who are not. According to Lanny Keller of the 2The Advocate.com, "many more people have been talking about Stormy Daniels than Charlie Melancon (her opponent). That’s been nothing but good advertising for the, ahem, small businesswoman thinking about moving from cinematic sin into politics".

I'd say that Stormy's chances will be that much more enhanced if she keeps to the straight and narrow in her political quest. That is tell it as it is. No more pork barrelling, no more baloney. Meanwhile David Vitter is reported to be adopting the tortoise approach to politics. That's a wise move. He'll need that hard shell. Taking the role of the hare could just get him jugged in this contest!


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