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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toffee-nosed Peter Hain in BNP disdain!

A young trouble-maker carried off by the police!Peter Hain is the arch hypocrite. A man of self-serving self-righteousness, who demands that the electorate obeys his whims and fancies rather than thinking for themselves. As the BBC contemplates having a BNP presence on Question Time, Hain is in apoplectic fit mode. He is beginning to rant.

“I was horrified when I heard about this, because it makes them (the BNP) appear as if they are another political party sitting on a panel along with democratically-elected parties.” So Nick Griffin was not democratically elected? Was he shoe-horned in by a bevvy of sly operators all keen to see British democracy destroyed? Of course not. It's Hain's fantasyland, that's what!

If Peter Hain is too chicken to debate with the BNP, let somebody else do it. New Labour is the biggest recruiting agent for the nationalist agenda, so by just ducking out, Hain scores an own goal before the match has even started. Anyway, is Hain a loss to the debate? I hardly think so. He's probably more scared of Griffin picking through his expenses and his deputy leadership contest coffers.

Democracy? Not if you let Peter Hain control it. Free speech? Not if you let Peter Hain control it. What a pompous oaf!


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