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Monday, September 14, 2009

Weasel wordsmith Mandelson!

Sniffing out the next scandal?Listening to Lord Mandelson on the Today Programme one wonders if he believes the British public will be conned by his slippery ways. He uses the mantra "wise spenders, not big spenders", and goes on to denounce the Tories by wildly fantasising on what a Conservative government would do. All fantasy. He suggests Conservatives will introduced private health, cut costs like some crazed hedge-cutter on speed, and generally spite the poor.

If anyone has done these things or attempted to do these things then it is the mortgage-fiddling Mandelson and his New Labour government. If we believe him, we are fools indeed!


Tbh, if Mandelson was to state that the sun rose in the East I'd feel an almost overwhelming urge to go out and check the following morning. The man's a liar, a fraudster and a crook, he simply cannot be trusted.

But you'd be able to conquer that overwhelming urge knowing he WAS a liar, a fraudster and a crook!

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