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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brown and Cameron both aim shots at traditional thinking!

Vote Conservative, or else!Gordon Brown says gay MPs and peers should to be allowed to hold civil partnership inside Parliament. Parliamentarians and their children can marry in the Palace of Westminster but civil partnerships are not allowed, which Mr. Brown thinks is wrong. He said politicians had to do more to "take on prejudice".

David Cameron says MPs have to "push" to change people's attitudes.

Sounds like a couple of mindbenders at the fair. It is one thing to be rude and threatening about a person's lifestyle, to upset someone or to be downright unpleasant. It is quite another to believe that certain lifestyles are wrong.

The Pope is vilified by the likes of Peter Tatchell. I see loads of contemptuous remarks about Christian orthodoxy. If Gordon Brown thinks that traditional Christian teaching is a prejudice that needs to be taken on then he has left the manse behind in a big way. He is speaking in a simpleton's soundbite manner.

As for David Cameron's remark I find it rather odd. Conservatives don't push people around to change their attitudes. I hope my Conservative candidate doesn't adopt a hectoring tone so that the voters of Solihull get their attitudes pushed into shape!


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