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Monday, October 05, 2009

Du Beke Update

It seems the PC Brigade are not so keen to let this rest. Du Beke has been contrite and his dancing companion has been offered a profuse apology which she has accepted. But anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate has called for the dancer to be axed. It's hardly hate. I wonder if Giglamps Rentamouth is in this group.

The Indian sub-continent is awash with Indian remarks containing derogatory sayings about Pakistanis. If "Hope Not Hate" wants to calm anywhere down, it will be in India. But then they might be seen as nosey-parker ex-colonialist libertine-minded namby-pamby whities. And I wouldn't blame the Indians one minute for thinking so!


The Paki media was going gaga about the orange armband which they claimed were signs of these gunmen being Hindus.



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