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Monday, October 12, 2009

Gary McKinnon extradition appeal failure

The new Supreme Court, Jack Straw's legal invention, is certainly in hock to the New Labour Regime it seems. In the appeal of Gary McKinnon against extradition to the USA, their lordships (or should it be their supremeships?) rattled on about it not being against his human rights and that his case did not raise exceptional points of law meriting a hearing at the higher court. Such as public interest.

I wonder where the judges have been lately? Public interest is exceptionally high on this, including the Daily Mail's campaign. Only the government is fitfully crazed enough to try to stop any delay in McKinnon being stuffed in a chicken-type cage masquerading as a jail cell in some US correctional centre. 60 years tops, he'll get. The US criminal justice system, when in cahoots with Uncle Sam's right hand man, can be like a madman on a mission. Many have fallen a cropper to the knee-jerk responses or the retributive approach of the courts. Dr Samuel Mudd was a fine example and it was only the hoo-ha that his wife created that finally made everyone see sense.

Dr.Mudd didn't have the benefit of internet campaigns. Gary McKinnon does. And this case is made even more nasty by Gordon Brown's slavish desire to keep in with the US over the Afghan debacle. We need to be like owls on a tree branch. One eye open ready to hoot! With New Labour hypocrisy a lot of hooting is required. Currently, a businessman trying to avoid extradition to the USA has had his human rights respected. If you're perceived as a cyber geek forget it. If you're a businessman with possibilities, New Labour will save you. Just look at the bankers. It's a twisted world this New Labour fantasy land.


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