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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Internet woes!

I'm beginning to realise the internet is a mixed blessing, or rather a curate's egg. On Wednesday it was all down and out for me. Virgin Media were operating on the cables or something. I really think the system is overloaded. Some nights it's virtually impossible to get on. Traffic is the problem apparently. It's a bit like gridlock on a motorway. The M25 comes to mind.

I had a nice chat with Sanjay in India. He thought my wireless problems were down to the kind of weather we get in England. I'm not so convinced. Maybe it's the moon. I'll ask Lunar Jim to fix it. I'm off the wireless now, partly because I'm told my little office has a big radiator in it and this can affect the router. Are routers any better than transistor radios? I remember sticking a coathanger aerial into my transistor and attaching it to a radiator in order to hear Radio Caroline loud and clear. I got that tip from a know-it-all. I need a know-it-all now!

Is Sanjay right? Is the radiator reasoning right? Or is the system just not keeping up with demand? It seems OK now as I'm typing away, but what about tomorrow? Another day, I suppose.


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