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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Irish give Blair the green light

standing up to EU bullies!
Tony Blair is still cheesily promoting himself as a possible President of Europe. Now that the Irish have done the right thing by the Brussels Regime by saying "YES" to the second referendum, it only leaves the Poles and Czechs to ratify this so-called constitution for Europe.
In a European Union world you're lucky to get a vote on how the monolith should be run. If you do get a vote, you won't be able to say "NO" because that's not an answer you can give. It's, YES,YES,YES all the way home. We won't get a vote on Blair's coronation. The edifice is made up of undemocratic types who genuflect most casually at the altar of democracy.

I'm wondering if Napoleon was the last continental person able to say "NO" and get away with it. The Empress Jos├ęphine was not treated too well by this impirical poseur. In fact he let it be known that "power is my mistress". The European Union wants us to know that power is its mistress. I get the distinct impression that the "citizens of Europe" are just vassals of this overbearing, interfering and intrisically undemocratic organisation. It has been set up rather like a beehive. The drones (us ordinary voters) just get to vote for emasculated national governments. In turn, the leaders of these governments get to buzz around the queen (Tony Blair!) and formulate all manner of ideas and legalistic programmes of which the drones are permitted, at best, to rubber stamp with a "YES" vote.

And we exported democracy to Afghanistan? I think we didn't do a bad job considering how well the last election there went!


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