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Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Labour's healthy hypocrisy

Not my hospital, surely?New Labour is a political creed devoid of political fibre or philosophy. The only thing that holds it together is spin, subterfuge and a social climbing desire. Mostly it has an obnoxious self-righteousness about it.

David Cameron was recently lambasted by Alan Johnson because the Conservative leader dared to suggest that the NHS was being strangled by bureaucracy. Johnson sounded like a maiden aunt had been raped. He talks of 'deceit' and enters an arena for tittle-tattle and innuendo. Also, that sleazy minister Ben Bradshaw, the one who thinks Anglican prayers should have a decent element of buggery as a subject matter, came out all prissy about the Conservatives approach to health care.

Both these ministers are so wrapped up in big government that they can't see the little problems growing into much bigger ones. Now they've got a new report on their hands. The Care Quality Commission (another quango) has said that one in eight NHS trusts has been told it must urgently improve the care it provides. We're back to hygiene and safety again. Mike O'Brien, a health minister, blithely comments that the report states good things.

When it comes to the NHS this New Labour shower are a mixture of ostriches in a sand pit and Croesus on speed. Now there's a mind-boggling thought!


Which NHS are we talking about? England? Or the devolved, Barnett Formula-benefiting NHS's in Scotland and Wales?

Alan Johnson when Health Secretary boasted that he gave his children fluoride tablets because he thought they protected their teeth from cavities.
He also campaigned to spread fluoride to all drinking water in the UK,with a £42 million budget of taxpayers' money to try to persuade the public to agree to more fluoridation.
Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals known to man.There are no peer reviewed studies proving it has any benefits for childrens' teeth.
It is a recognised rat poison.
The truth is it causes brittle bones leading to hip fractures, damages the thyroid, is probably linked with dementia as it crosses the blood brain barrier, and is a likely cause of cancer.
98% of Continental Europe's water supply is now banned from using fluoride, but Johnson and his successor just don't get it.
One muat speculate what other motives there might have been to agree to poison our water suppplies. Fluoride is very expensive for the aluminium industry to dispose of, as it is a hazardous toxic chemical. Just suppose you could somehow "persuade" Governments to take it off your hands under the guise of improving childrens' teeth? There would be very high reward potential, wouldn't there?
But just look at some pictures of childrens' teeth damaged by fluorosis. It should make your blood boil.
See the YouTube video titled "The Fluoride Deception"
This is the kind of ignorance we have to put up with when you have an ex-postman appointed as Health Secretary, and now Home Secretary.

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