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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Death Row gets another death to add to the others!

John Allen Muhammad was put to death yesterday. He was the so-called Washington Sniper. Apparently he was a schizophrenic. Plus he was paranoid and psychotic and delusional. Just the type to bung in the Death Chamber. There's a lot of death around at the moment. By that, I mean not by natural causes. There was the Brit gunned down by a trigger-happy guy in Amarillo. Then the Muslim soldier went on the rampage killing as he went in the army compound. Death in Afghanistan, now too much for many to bear. And a young footballer in Germany sends himself to the next world by getting hit by a train.

Death all around us. Many Americans think death is something of a punishment. In that they've got some kind of religious schizophrenia. The victims of Muhammad's gunfire were encouraged to visit the execution. All grist to the vengeance mill, quite out of keeping with Dominical Teaching. "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. I will repay". Not a message that the Correctional Centers like put to them. One visitor welcomed the death. "He basically watched my dad breathe his last breath," she told the Associated Press news agency. "Why shouldn't I watch his last breath?" No reason, but is that going to be repeated at the Last Judgement?

This execution will do not one jot of difference to the safety and wellbeing of Americans and visitors to the United States. I take it as read that if I set foot in the country I may not leave as I arrived. The answer to the justice question is to keep schizophrenics off the streets and to curtail their ability to buy guns. One wonders where the madmen actually are. My guess is that quite a few are sitting in Washington cleaning out their porkbarrels!


I'm an American, against the death penalty, but not shedding any tears over this guy.

Every third world dictator in the world is a gun grabber. Just because you've lost your will to be free doesn't mean we've lost ours.
If you don't like them, stay the heck home.

I'm English and for the death penalty and basically I agree with Angela. I'll shed no tears for this guy, he deserved it as many more do both in America and England.

Angela, you're quite strident today! I'm not sure about losing freedom. Are you suggesting that we don't venture into the USA for fear of being shot or verbally abused? I'm having difficulty following the logic. If you are against the death penalty, how come this apparently deranged character is the exception to that? Oh, and can you guarantee that visiting aliens will not get shot dead in bars?

Nope - can't guarantee anything. Best that you stay home.

Nope, this guy isn't the exception. But people like him make it hard for people like me to make a case against the death penalty, because he clearly committed the crimes. Freedoms used to come with responsibility, and we can't give up one without the other. I opt for freedom.

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