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Friday, November 20, 2009

Obama's poll rating falls below 50%

It's shock news to one and all apparently. President Obama is only reckoned to be turning in a good performance by 49% of the American people. He should worry. This news follows hard on the heels of Rush Limbaugh's ridiculous assertion that Gallup were oversampling blacks in order to boost the ratings. Gallup called this tosh "a complete and inexplicable fabrication". Limbaugh must be coming to the end of the road, surely? I used to listen to his rants on the radio whilst I drove around metro Atlanta. He always appeared harmless but with a limited ratio of intellect. It always bothered me that the Republican Party attracted people with only two beans for brains. The intelligent ones were in the background goading the likes of Limbaugh on. All very peculiar.

So inexplicable fabrications are par for the course. I do hope people realise that most of these radio jocks are just on-air businesses trying to crank up the dollar revenues at the expense of truth and decency. And what of this oversampling of blacks? Is Gallup being accused of stuffing focus groups with only African Americans or is it some kind of graveyard voting experience (like the good old days in Northern Ireland!)? It's a preposterous allegation. But being preposterous is what the American neocons are all about.

I sincerely hope all right-minded American conservatives will see the light and come to the aid of the party.


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