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Monday, December 07, 2009

Pompous little Miliband

All environmental eyes are on Copenhagen. Some scientists do not think the global warming phenomenon is as bad as the majority of climate scientists do. They have studied the matter and concluded certain points and opinions. That is OK. They may be right, they may be wrong. I am no scientist so don't know if all the perceived dangers are rock solid true.

What I do know is that in an adult debate people's sincerely held views should be respected. The Milliband brothers appear to be some kind of reborn Zealots, keenly rubbishing opponents' opinions with a mixture of highbrow disdain and vulgar put-downs.

So it was that Ed Miliband pompously dismissed Lord Lawson yesterday with "I think you are being profoundly irresponsible by saying we can stick our heads in the sand and just hope this thing goes away. It's not going to." Nobody is taking the ostrich approach. Lord Lawson responded by saying it was also profoundly irresponsible not to allow an "honest, rational, reasoned debate".

And that is the nub. Miliband is like some preacher on speed. All he spouts is gospel truth to be believed hook like and sinker. Anyone else who has a contrary view must be made to look foolish and ridiculed. I don't know if Lord Lawson's views hold credence but he has a right to express them without pompous little prats sounding all prophetic!


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