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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cadbury melts in the warming winter weather

So the board of Cadbury has accepted the Kraft offer. So much for hostilities. It seems that money is king in all corporate matters. I'm not sure I can believe the spokeswoman from Kraft when she simpers on about tradition and cultural icons. I'm fairly certain that the glass and a half of milk Cadbury pours into each chocolate bar won't be coming from any British cow. In fact, these confectionery products can be made anywhere and that is exactly what Kraft will do. If it suits them to make Cadbury chocolates in China, then that's what will happen.

We've already seen HP Sauce pop its clogs on and move from Birmingham. Will Cadbury be wearing a cowboy hat? In the scheme of things it may not matter much. There are a far more important and pressing matters, such as dealing with the earthquake disaster in Haiti.

However, I do think that much of the corporate world has sold its soul, if not to the Devil, to the wanton worship of Mammon. George Cadbury was a Quaker who sought to do much for the workforce of his and other companies in the Birmingham area. I have a good idea that he may well be quaking in his grave today. Pity he's not around to face the lady from Kraft. He might have been able to "rewire her strategy"!


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