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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Raunchy republican romps home in Massachusetts

Scott Brown has managed to win the Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy. This is a triumph and I think it is a good thing in general. Normally I would tend to support the Republican Party over the Democrats. I'm of a conservative nature, so that would be a natural conclusion. However, the Republican Party does have a flaky side currently. I don't know much about Mr.Brown, but he obviously has that charismatic appeal much loved by Massachusetts voters. Ted Kennedy knew how to use that to get him out of the many scrapes he got into.

Newly-elected senator Brown is no stranger to poverty though. In that he is very different from Ted and his life. Kennedy had a good start and spent his political life championing the causes of the underprivileged. Scott Brown seems to be operating in reverse mode. On Wikipedia it says "Brown has said that he "didn't grow up with all the advantages in life" and that his working mother needed welfare benefits for a short period of time." So I would have thought that would give him some sense of priorities over healthcare.

This win is seen as a snub to Obama's healthcare plans. Maybe. But reality will kick in anytime soon and Americans will wonder what hit them. This country, the USA, is no longer a pioneer state made up of aspirant agricultural West Country workers and third sons of the English gentry. In fact the WASP ascendency looks like it buzzed off years ago. The modern United States is the melting pot come to the boil. Every class, creed and colour wants a slice of the action. America is built on being a giant financial bubble in dire need of regular puffs of hot air. Senator Brown looks to me to be just the man to give it some extra puffs. He once posed almost naked in his youth for a magazine, no doubt titillating youthful Sarah Palin types. However, rhetoric and rich talk like his seem to miss the point. And that is that the USA has a huge amount of underinsured and non-insured people with regard to health care. It's a time bomb ticking. Obama is trying to sort it out. Now his original plans may have been too much, but to do nothing is just plain daft.

Corporate America laughs in the face of democracy. They are just chasing the funny money dollars in order to sustain their avarice. Most small businesses only have access to real money. Average Americans don't get to turn bad loans into quality investments.

The Republican Party should try to get away from fantasyland politics and live in the real world. Interesting that the US government has so much available for Haiti (and rightly so) but some do not even want to discuss it for their own people. The day of reckoning will come when the bubble bursts and burst it will. The national debt of the United States is different from other countries. Not only has it been created by funny money, but by the dollar's position as a reserve currency. Cut the latter out and, well, it hardly bears thinking about.

I'd say it was a conservative thing to secure the future of your country and to give a level of personal security to the least of the citizenry. Not handouts, but a basis for self-achievement and prosperity. Just like Scott's mom!


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