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Monday, January 18, 2010

UKIP and a burka ban

UKIP are peddling the idea of a ban on Muslim women wearing the burka. Nigel Farage is of the opinion that it is an affront to women and is un-British. I think he's wrong on both counts. I've never thought the women who wear these head-to-toe cloaks are in any way subjected to being second class citizens. Most seem to wear the garment with pride. My only suggestion is to make the eye-slit a bit bigger as some of the larger ladies get that peripheral vision problem.

As for being un-British, when was it ever "British" to suggest the correct clothing for a person to wear? Nigel Farage wears some fancy gear I've noticed, but that's his business.

However, he does have a point over the security issue. Unlike the Saudi system, where burka-clad women get photographed for driving licences (and in New Jersey!), Britain should insist on a full-face picture. Anything else is to make a ridiculous situation at airports even more ludicrous.


Whilst I do agree that Farage has gone too far in his total denouncement of the Burka (and lost any claim towards libertarianism that he tried to push) I do think a ban merits discussion under conditions - airports & government buildings seem to make sense for security reasons, I can't see someone in a motorcycle helmet being allowed into the HoC or through airport security.

Also with regards to the peripheral vision problem I would like to see them banned while driving - it's an issue that was discussed while I was living in the middle east, so I think we should definitely look into it over here!

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