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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Airport body scanners 'may be unlawful'

Obama in the Taliban poppy fieldThere's been an awful lot of talk about body scanners recently, mainly from those who think it unseemly that their private parts and other bits may be seen by ogling airport operatives. Personally I'm not bothered by that aspect. I'm more concerned by the burgeoning industry that is making a fast buck out of terrorism. How much are these body scanners? Apparently they cost $150,000 to $200,000 a pop. Then there are all the other ways to make people part with their cash in the name of fighting terrorism, such as dawdling in front of airside stores for a couple of hours.

I remember during Ted Heath's three-day week arrangements of the 1970's how people made money out of us, such as selling candles or flogging portable gas heaters. Now everyone is entitled to earn a living, but I think this modern day saintliness proffered by government agencies in the name of fighting terrorism is a lot more sinful than they would like us to appreciate. After all, if they eventually got round to spraying that poppy crop in Afghanisatan it would bring tears to the eyes of the arms traders. Am I being too cynical today?


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