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Monday, February 01, 2010

Blair believes his own bull****!!

Tony Blair takes the biscuit, he really does. We now know that most of his warblings on Friday were a fine art of deception. He's deceived his own brain, it seems.

Now it is the turn of Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the head of the armed forces to sit in on the Iraq Inquiry. He said defence chiefs "simply didn't have enough time" to source everything they wanted for the invasion of Iraq. Ministers were warned of a "serious risk". He told the inquirers, "The problem of course was that we simply didn't have enough time, as it turned out, to do everything we needed to do before the operation started."

Soldiers died unnecessarily as a result. So what about the cloth-eared Blair? What did he think when told all this? And I assume Straw, Hoon and the rest of the New Labour cabal heard these words. What a shower! A conniving bunch of self-delusional fools. They just didn't want to hear what they didn't want to hear.

I hope Blair is recalled before this inquiry. Because if not, his weasel words will just be shunted into the documents and we will be told nothing more than that.


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