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Friday, February 26, 2010

Carrie Prejean Living In Sin With Fiance Kyle Boller

I supported the former Miss California in as much as I thought it wrong that she should be pilloried for her Christian views. However, those who make a solid stand in favour of upholding the doctrines of the Christian Church should not affect a pick 'n mix approach. Carrie Prejean has been caught out setting up home with her fiance, NFL quarterback Kyle Boller. Whilst many would say "what of it?" that's not the point. She has been standing on stages telling people she believes in traditional marriage and is against certain sexual arrangements. The calling of the Church is to marriage or celibacy. Now that's a high ideal, but it's the Christian way. As human beings we all fall short in many ways, sometimes deliberately, sometimes just carelessly. However, if we are to preach to others we should at least be prepared to live a life that doesn't give others to think it hypocritical.

Carrie Prejean stood out against gay marriage but she didn't say she thought heterosexual non-marriage a perfect alternative. In that, she has laid herself open to ridicule and mockery.


Well, is that confirmed, is the question. I don't think she would co-habitate before marriage. That would go against what she wrote in her book. So most likely, this is gossip. (Being outside at a swimming pool and hugging a boy friend is another thing, it's not cohabitating).

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